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How to clean up white metal jewelry?

clean up white metal jewelryIn this post we will discuss the ways to keep your white metal jewelry shinning in long run. Often times it is easier to clean up white metal jewelry with some house hold items. But it can be sometime time taking and often times gets ignored resulting the dark spots on the jewelry. Before we dive into clean up, some background on jewelry making in Nepal; most of the fashion jewelry made in Nepal has some influence of Buddhism, more specifically Tibetan Buddhism. These handcrafted jewelry are very popular in Western countries since each piece is somewhat different than the other. These jewelry are made with Sterling silver, gold or an alloy of copper, silver, nickel commonly known as white metal.

Ways to clean white metal jewelry:

Most of our jewelry collection are made up of white metal although we also carry copper or brass jewelry. Jewelry pieces with out any stones in it are easy to clean. Just by rubbing with a piece of soft cloth will recover the shininess in it. But the pieces with delicate filigree design need more care when cleaning, to clean all those tiny nooks and crannies, a toothbrush could be handy in this case. A mild hand soap mixed with warm water can be used as cleaning liquid. Use a toothbrush gently with soap water on the surfaces with delicate design. Some lemon juice or vinegar can also do the trick in shining the white metal jewelry.

I have listed some of the recommended metal polishing agents that can be used with your jewelry.

Every time you clean up white metal jewelry using any of these metal polish, make sure to wash your hands properly with soap water. Some chemical used in the polish may be harmful if swallowed. Also Make sure you do not use any harsh chemical for cleaning white metal jewelry. Specifically those jewelry cleaning liquids made for Silver jewelry. They might corrode white metal jewelry and discoloration may occur. With these simple tricks, i hope your jewelry will keep shining forever.